Continental WinterContact TS870 & TS870P – New Option For Next Winter

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Continental unveils new WinterContact TS 870 and WinterContact TS 870P . The new entry tire seeks to bring some improvements to the road in terms of performance and safety given the 2021-2022 winter season.

WinterContact TS 870 – for compact and medium-sized cars

WinterContact TS 870 follows its predecessor’s footsteps, the WinterContact TS 860, and combines winter performance with rain performance. 

At the same time, it highlights progress in terms of environmental sustainability, thanks to reducing rolling resistance and an increase in mileage. It promises three percent shorter braking distances on ice and five percent better handling on snow, plus a 10 percent increase in mileage with a 2 percent reduction in rolling resistance.

Continental has increased the number of tread blocks in the contact zone of the WinterContact TS 870 by up to ten percent. The edges and sipes in these blocks act as windshield wipers, quickly dispelling melting snow and ensuring a good grip on icy surfaces.

The WinterContact TS 870 features a V-shaped tread pattern adopted by many tire manufacturers, with the main V-grooves converging to a wavy center groove running along with the tire, giving Continental’s new winter specialist a very different look to most.

Part of its competitors. In addition, the combination of the Hydro Grooves transverse grooves and the central groove allows you to expel water even faster in the rain, reducing the risk of aquaplaning and improving braking performance in the wet.

Another element that reduces the braking distance is the new compound, which takes the name of Cool Chili as in the previous model.  made of a blend of special resins ensures better grip and shorter braking distances in the wet. 

WinterContact TS 870 was developed for models such as Volkswagen up !, Volkswagen Golf, and Citroën C4. Even the sportiest models, such as the BMW 1 Series and 3 Series, can be driven safely during the cold season by fitting Continental’s new winter tire. 

The initial range includes 19 sizes for rims from 14 to 17 inches with ratios from 45 to 65 and widths from 175 to 225 millimeters, some with rim protection edges and/or the initials XL, indicating a greater load capacity. Continental will add another 45 sizes to the range next year.

Continental WinterContact TS870P For SUV and Sport Car

WinterContact TS 870 P for sports cars and SUVs

Continental will gradually introduce the WinterContact TS 870 P as a successor to the TS 850 P. Like its “little brother,” Continental also uses the optimized Cool Chili compound and Hydro Grooves the WinterContact TS 870 P. 

To offer greater safety to vehicles fitted with larger tires, Continental has chosen to move away from the conventional V-shaped tread, opting for a stiffer construction with four large circumferential grooves running between the rows tread blocks.

This innovative structure offers great advantages, especially in the wet, because it quickly disperses water, improves driveability, reduces braking distances and the risk of aquaplaning.

Compared to the TS 850 P, Continental engineers have managed to improve braking distance in wet conditions by 4% and aquaplaning by 8%, without compromising performance. 

The results obtained by improving braking on ice by 5% and handling dry and snow by 6% also deserve special mention. This new Continental winter tire also has excellent ecological credentials with a 2% reduction in rolling resistance and a 16% increase in mileage.

The product range initially includes 52 sizes for cars and SUVs with 16 to 21-inch rims with ratios from 35 to 65 and widths from 205 to 255 millimeters, many with rim protection edges and/or the XL marking indicating a capacity of higher load, and with approvals for speeds up to 270 km/h. 

This makes the WinterContact TS 870 P a good solution for equipping sedans, SUVs, and sports cars such as the Audi TT. The rigid structure of the tire makes it an excellent choice even for heavier models with electric drives.

Continental originally planned to launch these two new winter tires on the market, one after the other: the WinterContact TS 870 was, in fact, announced last year but was postponed to 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.