3rd gen Honda NSX: Full Electric?

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The Japanese super sports car could soon return in a 100% electric version. The indiscretion comes directly from the Honda executive.

After the farewell to the 600hp hybrid version, the Honda NSX could return with a powerful new battery-powered powertrain.

This is the indiscretion that leaked during Monterey Car Week where Jon Ikeda, vice president of Acura, the luxury brand of Honda, let slip interesting anticipation that could please many but also make people turn up their noses. Someone: the legendary Honda NSX could return in a totally electrified guise.

Ikeda, in an interview with The Drive, admitted the idea of ​​a next-generation: “ We make an NSX when we want to communicate something. The first generation was petrol, the second hybrid, and there will be another. .. “.

The words of the Japanese top manager clearly suggest how concrete the idea of ​​developing the Honda super sports car is in a zero-emission version. But we will have to wait for the company’s confirmation, considering that the previous version did not have the expected success, selling only 128 cars in America last year.

The Type S in a limited edition (350 units), in fact, seemed to be able to sanction the definitive farewell of the Honda NSX, the purest sports car of the Japanese company.

But the impression is that the next NSX will arrive in a long time. After all, it took Honda 16 years to revive the model that retired in the early 2000s and which had become an icon of Japanese supercars in the previous decade.

In addition, Honda will need new technologies to develop an electric NSX that is more powerful than the current model and capable of withstanding future competition.

Let’s not forget that the NSX is not the car with which Honda wants to make money. They are laboratories to test new technologies and at the same time a business card, a “good living room” to show to potential buyers of the brand.

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Electric Honda NSX Wouldn’t Actually be The First

In fact, in 2017, on the infamous Pikes Peak track, Honda showed the world a fully electric prototype of the NSX. The Honda Acura EV Concept. Power 1,000 hp. It was a first taste of what was already rumored to be the first electric supercar of the Japanese house.