2023 Dacia Jogger: Everything You Need To Know

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Dacia has officially presented all the technical details and images of the new Jogger, its practical family vehicle with up to 7 seats with aesthetic touches typical of SUVs.

It is one of the great novelties of Dacia in recent years: the new Jogger. This unprecedented model is also one of the world’s firsts for the Romanian brand of the Renault Group at the IAA Munich Motor Show 2021.

In the Dacia range, the top managers of the brand place the new Jogger as their C-segment family vehicle whose interior can be configured in 5 and 7-seat versions (it would come to occupy the previous place of the Lodgy ).

The official opening of orders for this new car will begin this November, its arrival at European dealers is scheduled for February 2022, while Dacia will expand the range throughout 2023 with an interesting version with hybrid technology, a variant with which the Jogger will become the cheapest 7-seater family hybrid vehicle on the market.

The new Jogger is, according to Dacia, a true “Swiss Army knife” type vehicle, that is, with a multitude of practical and functional solutions that aim to make life easier for the driver and passengers.

The technical platform from which it starts is the modular architecture CMF-B of the Renault Group, so it shares technical genes with the new generations of the Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Logan, Renault Clio V, and Renault Captur II (with these last two models, a good number of technical elements, but not all).

Dacia Jogger Design & Dimensions

The length and habitability of an estate or family-type vehicle –measures 4.55 m long, 1.78 m wide, and 1.64 m high, with a wheelbase of 2.89 m, and the design features of an SUV type vehicle, the Jogger brings together the best of both worlds.

From a design point of view, the exterior features well-marked fins that bring the wheels to all four corners of the vehicle and a horizontal, sculpted hood. Its flush wheels and tailgate spoiler are also not unnoticed.

The rear light clusters have vertical shapes and the already characteristic Y-shaped light signature. A style appeal that also has its prominent presence in the headlights.

2023 Dacia Jogger - An Affordable 7 Seater SUV

The Roof of this new model is emphasized by the practical roof rack bars – capable of supporting a load of up to 80 kg, well-marked wheel arch, and as a high ground clearance (200 mm empty) that allows it to adapt to all types of road.


In the interior, practicality and functionality are again protagonists. As proof, its 24 liters of extra storage spaces are distributed throughout the vehicle in various holes or bags.

The passenger compartment can be configured with 5 seats or with 7 seats, which are divided into three rows with the following configuration/number of seats per row: 2 + 3 + 2.

The volume of cargo capacity in the trunk varies depending on the 5 seat version (between 708 and 842 liters with the 5 usable seats) and the 7-seat version (with 160/213 liters with the three rows of seats unfolded). In total, and with all the rows of seats folded, the load capacity can be increased to 1,819 liters.

According to Dacia, the second-row occupants are provided with two aircraft-type trays equipped with a cup holder (these trays can be adjusted 70 mm). That second row also has two Isofix fixings on the side seats to securely fix the child seats. The two occupants in the third row have an individual seat, an armrest, and a large glass panel to better view the outside.

Modularity and versatility are other strengths of this new vehicle. According to the Romanian brand, it can offer up to 60 possible configurations in the interior, adapting it according to the needs of the driver and passengers in each moment and situation.

2023 Dacia Jogger Engines

The range of engines initially available in this new SUV-tinged family vehicle will consist of a 110 hp Inline 3-cylinder 1.0 TCe petrol engine and the bi-fuel petrol and LPG variant ECO-G 100 (which receives the ECO environmental label from the DGT according to current regulations).

Both engines are adapted to the environmental requirements of the Euro 6D Full standard.

Later, throughout 2023, the Jogger range will offer an interesting and efficient version with non-plug-in hybrid technology, in whose basic technical specifications we will find the following elements: a 1.6-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine, two electric motors ( an ‘e-motor’ and a high-voltage starter), a multimode clutchless gearbox, regenerative braking system and a 1.2 kWh (230V) battery pack.

According to Dacia estimates and depending on the type of driving, the vehicle could roll up to 80 percent in 100 percent electric mode when circulating in the city.


As standard, this model will offer the following elements and technologies: basic connectivity with a smartphone holder, a 3.5-inch TFT digital screen, up to three 12 V sockets to recharge the tablet at any time, controls of the governor, and speed limiter on the steering wheel and the automatic lighting of the lights.

As an option and depending on the versions, the equipment can be completed with the following systems and technologies:

  • Heated front seats
  • Automatic climate control with digital displayH
  • ands-free card with remote boot opening
  • Lighting of the headlights to find the vehicle at night
  • Electric handbrake
  • Reversing camera
  • Blind-spot detection
  • Front and rear parking aids
  • Assisted emergency braking
  • Hill start assist.

In terms of connectivity and inflight entertainment, this new car can offer up to three different types of multimedia system: the most basic Media Control (with USB and Bluetooth sockets), the most balanced and complete Media Display with an 8-inch touch screen (compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay technologies) and the most advanced Media Nav (the same as the Media Display but adds a navigation system and wi-fi and wireless connectivity to replicate the smartphone apps on the multimedia system screen).

Dacia Jogger Xtreme Limited

The commercial journey of this new model will begin with the special launch limited series Xtreme, which emphasizes the more adventurous and carefree side of this vehicle and will be available in five body colors: Pearl Black, Comet Gray, Moonstone Gray, Glacier White, and the launch color Terracotta Brown.

On the outside, the Jogger Xtreme will be distinguished by its roof brackets, mirrors, alloy wheels, and the shark antenna in black. In the front and rear body protection, these will be offered in Megalith Gray color. On the other hand, other distinctive elements will be the stickers with the new version of this special version on the front, on the wheels, and the doors’ underside.

The interior of the Jogger Xtreme will feature as its own elements the red stitching on the seats and chrome trim on the front door panels. The equipment will include the reversing camera, regulated air conditioning, and hands-free card.

Dacia Jogger Price & Release Date

A Dacia Jogger will be available in the early part of 2021, and orders should begin to be accepted before the end of the current year. There’s no news on pricing yet, but it’s expected to start at $18,000