2020 Toyota Supra Engine, Specs & Release Date – Updates!

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2020 Toyota Supra Engine, Specs & Release Date – Updates! – New Toyota Supra presented just yesterday and, whatever it was, it is very well paid tribute to the history of the model, offering a six-row front-and six-wheel drive. The global buyer has a choice of a couple of versions, but on the home market, Toyota offers a new sports car with a four-cylinder engine. It is not known whether this version will appear in other markets, but if you are interested, here is the information.

After a small 17-year hiatus and more than 10 years of bullying fans, the Toyota Supra returns. Finally. Toyota unveiled a new Supra 2020 model year at the Detroit Auto Show and, at first glance, it costs a decade of waiting.

We know what you think: 2020 Supra is not at all like the iconic 4th generation Supra. As Toyota notes, the stunning Concept FT-1 from 2016 is the main source of inspiration for creating a new generation of sports car. And the conceptual design is very well suited for a production model.

The headlights, the carbon splitter, and the double-bumped roof were almost completely unchanged from the FT-1 concept. The only thing they decided to give up was a long “nose” of the concept. Instead, the production version received an additional grille directly below the Toyota logo. The same goes for the rear part – thin rear lights, a ducktail spoiler, and a low-mounted LED brake light came from the FT-1, but they look pretty here.


Inside, everything is a little different. Since the Supra shares the platform with the new BMW Z4, the similarity of the interiors is literally striking, especially the iDrive dial on the center console and the display of the iPad-style infotainment system. However, there is a stylish digital instrument cluster, which probably displays indications such as the G vector, lap times, and more. The only noticeable hint at the Supra 4th generation is the driver-oriented panel layout, and the door panel and center console, as it were, flow around the pilot.

The wheelbase of the new Supra is 2,468 mm. This automatically leads her to the same class as the Porsche 911 (2,453 mm) and Jaguar F-Type (2,621 mm). But its length of 4,382 mm makes it a bit more compact overall, which means shorter front and rear overhangs, an extremely low center of gravity and an ideal weight distribution of 50:50.

For quite a while, many men and women speculate that Toyota was creating a brand new sports car. As it happens that this does work. Toyota confirmed that at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Let’s see what the New Toyota Supra will have.

It appears that Toyota has obtained several courses from the 86 and would like to apply them to the coming Supra. Toyota plans to create the coming Supra offer a better driving experience. Aiming for this particular goal, the coming Supra will be very likely to be designed using a center of gravity which is lower compared to the 86 and also a 50:50 weight reduction. Toyota also proposed the 2020 Supra to own a rear axle which is more portable also.

Engine Specs & Performance

The new Supra is equipped with a BMW 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder turbocharged engine. This is the same engine that you find in the new Z4, although in fact it is less powerful here. Under the hood of the Toyota Supra, he produces 340 hp. and 500 Nm (compared to the BMW Z4, which has 345 hp and 505 Nm) and comes exclusively with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The 2.0-liter twin-scroll turbo engine is available in several versions. The most powerful version produces 225 hp and 400 Nm, while the basic version generates a more modest 194 hp. and 320 Nm. Although these engines are most likely not as durable as a large six-cylinder engine, they certainly will not become any worse Supra, especially since with a four-cylinder engine it weighs about 1420 kg.

For the Japanese market, Supra will be denoted by three names: RZ, SZ-R and SZ. As one would expect, the RZ is equipped with a large engine, and the SZ-R is a powerful four-cylinder. SZ – basic model with a power of 194 hp All versions will get the same eight-speed automatic transmission.

It Will Probably Have a Rear Wheel Drive System

There are rumors that say the 2020 Toyota Supra is going to have an all-wheel-drive system. In Geneva Motor Show, however, ta da affirmed that the coming Supra is going to have a rear-wheel-drive system, just like its predecessors.

No Manual Option Available

According to an internal BMW document, the manual option won’t be designed for the Toyota Supra although it’ll soon be designed for the Z4. In Geneva Motor Show, while ta da didn’t entirely discount the possibility, ta-da did create it seem unlikely.

2020 Toyota Supra Release Date and Price

Toyota Supra of the new generation was presented yesterday at the Detroit Auto Show. It will go on sale in the summer.

In the US, the basic version of Supra 3.0 will start at $49,999, excluding options and logistics. The 3.0 Premium starts at $53,990, and the limited edition Launch Edition starts at $ 55,250. There are not so many options, but Supra offers a package of driver assistance for $ 1,195, as well as navigation for $ 2,460. And the JBL audio system.

It Was Test in the Nurburgring

There’s a great deal of footage showing the testing of this coming Supra at the Nurburgring. Nurburgring is a famous testing-ground for high-performance vehicles, which apparently what Toyota was aiming to get its 2020 Supra.

This is that which we know thus far concerning the Upcoming Toyota Supra. While the sports automobile is not yet published, we do expect the forthcoming Supra to be better compared to its predecessor