2020 Toyota Highlander Redesign, Concept & Release Date

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Are you currently really looking towards buying the 2020 Toyota Highlander? The current Toyota Highlander entered the market with a bit more body and a more aggressive style. Since then, things have been quiet besides a few alterations occasionally.

What about another generation Highlander? Well, we can expect the identical pertains to the 2020 version. Below, we’ll tell you about the soon-to-be-released was Exterior, interior, engine, protection, launch date, and price.

2020 Toyota Highlander Redesign Exterior & Interior

If we talk about 2020 Toyota Highlander Changes, there are several although not one of them is significant or drastic. But, it is possible to expect that the new Highlander to own a modern look. Dot expect any significant or drastic changes albeit there’ll be more color options and possible wheel configurations.

Interior Updates

In terms of your change in the inner, we can expect it to be more subtle. As an example, new upholstery fabrics and colors improved infotainment hardware or additional sound-reducing materials. It’s possible that the new SUV will be harmonious with Apple CarPlay although this isn’t yet confirmed.

Engine Specs; Hybrid Options

Unfortunately, change isn’t expected under the hood. The next-generation Highlander probably will probably have the exact engines and transmissions whilst the present generation.

The mid-sized engine is going to be a 3.5-liter, V6 engine producing 295 horsepower using 263 lb-ft torque. The high-range engine is going to be a hybrid. The 2020 Toyota Highlander hybrid vehicle is going to possess a 3.5-liter, V6 engine combined with an electric motor. The hybrid vehicle engine will have the capacity of generating 306 horsepower.

In case the engines are identical, the more transmissions are likely to be the same as well. If that is accurate, then the newest Highlander may possess 6-speed (such as the 4-cylinder engine) and 8-speed (for the V6 engine) gearbox.

Safety Features

Safety is where most Toyota vehicles excel inside. Yes, the 2020 Highlander won’t be an exclusion. We can view it from the present version. The existing version aced every one IIHS crash tests, came with various security features which make it Top Safety Pick.¬†We can expect the same out of the newest Highlander.

Release Date and Price

The 2020 Toyota Highlander release date has yet to be declared. While there is no specific date when the car is going to be published, it’s supposed to be released from the second half this year. The cost has yet to be declared as well.

To sum it up, the Next Generation Toyota Highlander Concept will be a Full-Size SUV using a small but neither significant nor drastic updates, only a few tweaks occasionally. While this might be accurate, its cabin is going to be more armed as its existing production has, there’ll become a hybrid engine option as well. It is going to probably have the same security features as the present version, that will be great.