2020 Skoda Kodiaq RS – Sportiest 7-Seater Crossover

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After the Octavia SW RS, Skoda has launched a family-size SUV in sporting capacity: the 2020 Skoda Kodiaq RS. Fearful of the stamp and consumption, do not worry: this RS is driven by a diesel engine, among other 4-cylinder engines. And it remains below the threshold of the superbolt.

An SUV, again. But not the usual SUV: not just spacious, not just comfortable, not just well equipped. The Skoda Kodiaq RS is an SUV to drive. One of the few, among the many in the list, where driving pleasure is a fundamental aspect.

But let’s start from the rational aspects, for the first series the duty, then the pleasure. The Skoda Kodiaq is a compact SUV of a large size able to accommodate up to 7 passengers. It is 4.70 meters long, and as often happens when we talk about Skoda, we are straddling two segments, in this case, the C and the D. The size, so to speak, are similar to those of the Tiguan Allspace, with the which the Kodiaq shares the excellent MQB platform.

Space, therefore, is not lacking, not even for extended families, or those used to take with them the entire wardrobe for an outdoor weekend. The plus of this sporty SUV is the interior decoration, enriched by containment seats (but not too much) with Alcantara upholstery, visible stitching here and there, and a sporty steering wheel.

Being a Skoda, there are intelligent clever solutions that distinguish the cars of the Czech brand, such as the ice scraper in the tank door, the removable LED flashlight in the trunk, and the umbrella compartment (with umbrella included) in the front doors.

2020 Skoda Kodiaq RS Specs

Let’s move on to pleasure: the heart of the 2020 Skoda Kodiaq RS is a 4-cylinder diesel. That said, it does not seem anything special. If you did not know him (I already tried it on the Volkswagen Passat), I would not have really expected anything of that.

It pushes very strongly from the lowest regimes and stretches almost like petrol up to 4,500, where it shows no signs of fatigue. And then there is no trace of turbo lag. Translated: as soon as he touches the gas pedal he answers without hesitating, ready to sling the Kodiaq forward without hesitation.

To support his character, the dual-clutch DSG – fast in the automatic mode as well as in the sequential – and four-wheel drive. Here are the numbers: 221 km / h and 6.9 seconds for the classic 0-100.

Performance – Powerful & Comfort

What worries me, on paper, is the meter and seventy in height and the mass of 1,880 kg empty. It is a heavyweight, we must take note of it, and the center of gravity is undeniably high, from SUV. But with the right shoes (235/45 tires mounted on 20-inch wheels), the electronically controlled shock absorbers, the progressive steering (precise and with the right load) and the brakes with 340 mm discs at the front, it’s amazing how much it can be satisfying on a winding road. And the 9 minutes 29 seconds and 84 tenths of a second used for a complete turn to the Green Hell prove it.

The Kodiaq RS loves curves, in spite of everything. In its development, in any case, the comfort needs that an SUV like this must offer have been taken into account. And a great ally is the adaptive attitude, able to make it more rigid (but never granitic) or more comfortable, according to the driver’s wishes. Are you on a colander route with guests on board? No problem: just choose the Comfort driving mode and she turns into a normalKodiaq. Indeed, more beautiful and faster, perhaps a stricter thread, but always very comfortable.

High and low for the sound. Dear, indeed almost absent in the Eco driving modes, while it is hoarse and artificial (emulating that of a petrol V6) in Sports mode. Someone will appreciate it. I am not among lovers of sounds studied at the table, therefore, prefer to disable this evil gimmick , for another well done (the exhaust exits and is amplified through a subwoofer).

Because it is super spacious, it is comfortable, when you get there it gives you a feeling of quality not inferior to that of a Volkswagen, it pushes hard and does not consume too much (15.6 km / l declared).

2020 Skoda Kodiaq RS Price

Of course, the 2.0 TDI version of 150 horsepower has a significantly lower consumption, but if you do not travel tens of thousands of kilometers per year, the RS is not a reckless choice. The list price of € 48,900, basically, appears to be a bargain considering the standard equipment almost full optional. Because the Kodiaq really offers a lot, and the RS version puts one more ingredient on the plate: driving a pleasure. And it’s not cheap at all.