2020 Range Rover Evoque Review: Proper Changes

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2020 Range Rover Evoque | A wise password says: don’t change what works. That is why Range Rover Evoque has remained faithful to its successful design and has worked on everything else.

When British designers unleashed and released Range Rover Evoque seven years ago, they aroused fuss. Something so different, predatory, unmistakable would be sold as buns on the shop, perhaps without the engine. People after Evoque were hungry and the first generation sold over three-quarters of a million. He liked it even at the end of his career when the competition was already strengthened, and the British little boy could not keep up with the aging interior or equipment lacking the latest fashion screams.

So a logical decision was made: the successor would not attempt another design revolution, he would only develop the original idea in detail, and the generation shift would take place beneath the surface.

2020 Range Rover Evoque Redesign

Designers have focused on minimizing joints, smoothing out every detail, even cranks are recessed to not disturb and contribute to better aerodynamics. Inside, customers no longer have to compromise. In the interior of the predecessor, it was not difficult to come across cheap plastics, aesthetically less successful places, and the onboard system revealed real age. Enjoy the eyes and touch in the news. The clean surfaces of nice materials dominate, we feel the care of every corner and the touch of the latest generation is proven by touch displays with incomparably nicer graphics than we have been used to in the British SUVs so far.

Evoque ILength

Comparison with predecessor Evoque II
(mm) 43ILength 4370
Mirror Width (mm) 1996 1985
Height (mm) 1649 1635
Wheelbase (mm) 2681 2660
Suitcase (l) 591 575

2020 Range Rover Evoque Specs

Although it does not look so, the second evoque is on a new platform, lighter, stiffer and 99.9% new body structure. The Ingenium series double-liters are paired with the nine-speed automatic and the 48V MHEV with the exception of the basic pre-wheel. Thus, when accelerating, the starter-generator is imperceptibly pushed.

A 6 kg lighter all-wheel drive is another evolution of the fully detachable three-clutch system (GKN Twinster) where one connects the rear axle and the other two simulate the differential function when distributing torque between the left and right rear wheels.

Diesel D240

Immediately after the start, the evoque fell into our hands, following the course of course. It went silent, the highway cruise is silent, and we get bored at a quieter pace. Even though the designers tried to diet, even the lightest version weighs 1787 kg with the driver, which is enough for a compact SUV. But even the smallest range rover does not prevent it from plunging into corners and offering a little driving pleasure as much as possible. The adaptive undercarriage only swayes on unevenness, dampens the pitfalls of the terrain, and changes stiffness according to the chosen driving mode.

But in connection with the diesel we were a little annoyed by a machine that sometimes did not know what to do with fast winds, and sometimes, when driving down long hills, he insensitively cut off until the car jumped.

P250 Engine

From the first moment evoque with petrol in our veins came to us more skillful and joyful. Even the slot machine understands it, ranks gently, and we don’t even know about it. The gasoline car didn’t have adaptive shock absorbers for comparison, but we don’t mind. On the contrary, we really like the basic chassis setting. The bends are stronger, the body is less inclined and the evoque is even more playful. But the series of inequalities shakes the car a little more than an adaptive alternative and also a little more kick on the dusty broken road of the bike. Cultivated petrol engines have earned us seriously, the question of such a heavy car will be consumption. So far it is difficult to judge, the combination of offroad, highways and fast turns has not let us go under ten liters.

2020 Range Rover Evoque Review

The pricelist is already in the world and traditionally there is no confidence. It starts just under a million and ends under two. So you can order the 2020 Range Rover Evoque, this time with a five-door body. While the unique coupe and convertible aroused fuss, only less than 5% of customers bought them. With such a result today, the car cannot survive. But you can look forward to a rechargeable plug-in hybrid. It will be introduced at the end of the year and will use the new 1.5-liter 147 kW petrol engine. The company will make him a 30kW starter-generator and an 80kW electric motor on the rear axle.