2020 Lexus UX: Specs, Platform, Concept & Performance

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The 2020 Lexus UX crossover will not be available until early next year. The smallest car in the Japanese premium brand Lexus is yet a compact hatchback CT. But he is slowing down and doesn’t count with the follower. The world is looking for an SUV, so the UX crossover will take its place in the future. And he thinks we have a big chance to attract customers. After all, it is the first Lexus designed by European motorists.

In spite of its compact dimensions, it looks impressive thanks to its traditional hourglass mask. It makes it so clear that it does not come from a cheap region, which is supported by the rear lights connected by the diode belt.

The hybrid versions of the Lexus will certainly be more desirable, so first we are heading to the front wheel drive 2020 Lexus UX 250h. But when we want to load the bags, there will be a major problem – we can’t put three bags into a shallow trunk. “It’s a pre-production version and the baggage volume is one of the things we’re still working on. The new tub will provide a capacity of at least 300 liters, ”the Lexus representative explains. Even the size of the cab is not among the record-holders in the compact SUV, but we have not felt embarrassed inside. Also, the dashboard layout is a bit of an interface, and while Lexus promises to improve the control of the multimedia system through the center-tunnel touchpad, it’s still not intuitive. On the contrary, we praise the perfect processing of every detail, comfortable seats and a more sporty position behind the wheel.

2020 Lexus UX Specs & Performance

The new hybrid system combining two-liter petrol with 107 kW with a 70 kW electric motor delivers a maximum power of 130 kW. The UX 250h is smooth and smooth. In addition, quiet, and when the combustion unit starts to pop, there is only a slight purr from under the bonnet. The two-liter gasoline connects immensely around the city, but all of this is already known from previous Lexus or Toyota hybrids. So what’s different? With the need for greater acceleration, the four-cylinder gasoline does not spin as much as the previous small hybrid with a 1.8-liter engine or even an older fifteen-hundred. Driving around the city is most comfortable, which adds to the suspension that absorbs all inequalities. UX stands for Urban X-cross and it is seen that the new lexus in the city feels like a fish in the water.

Lexus UX in numbers 200 FWD 250h FWD 250h E-Four
Internal combustion engine (cm 3 ) petrol, R4, 1987
Power (kW / min -1 ) 126/6600 107/6000 107/6000
Torque (Nm / min -1 ) 205/4800 180/4400 180/4400
Electric motor power (kW) 80 80
Hybrid power (kW) 130 130
Transmission CVT e-CVT e-CVT
Maximum speed (km / h) 190 177 177
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h (s) 9.2 8.5 8.7
Consumption (l / 100 km) 5,6-5,8 4,1-4,3 4,5-4,8
Length x width x height / wheelbase (mm) 4495 x 1840 x 1520/2640


But it behaves perfectly even when driving faster. Straight-line stability is exemplary, with excellent aerodynamics we can’t hear any whistle

from the bypassing air, the silence of the drivetrain, or the point to talk. We can enjoy the beautiful sound of 13 Mark Levinson speakers.

Lexus UX is great. The low center of gravity of 594 mm above the ground and the balanced weight distribution between the axles help the feeling of security.

Also important is the torsional stiffness of the body, which involves laser welds, glued joints, or a strut between the front shock absorbers. We also test the Sport S + driving mode, where the hybrid reacts more quickly to gas, and in the case of the F Sport, the adaptive dampers also solidify. We did not expect such precision and joy of driving, if we had even better managed driving, we would not find any mistake on UX.

Already from the name 2020 Lexus UX E-Four, it is obvious that it will be a four-wheel drive version. It uses a separate electric motor on the rear axle to start. in case electronic stabilization instructs him to do so.

It brings benefits especially on the road with poor adhesion, but it can also actively improve the stability of fast cornering. But we do not feel any change in the dry road at normal driving speed – we will have to wait for the winter to try the quad more thoroughly. Also, the UX 200 dual-litter version has been kept secret because it is still in testing and refinement mode, according to Lexus representatives. However, if at least partly a hybrid, the owners will be extremely satisfied.

Except for cab size and uncompleted suitcase, Lexus UX is a hilarious SUV. Our enthusiasm could be over-priced, but it’s too early.

2020 Lexus UX VS Toyota C-HR

For the UX, we’re talking about a brand new GA-C platform for compact cars. Of course, you will find links with Toyota, including the same 2640 mm wheelbase, McPherson front axle, and multi-element rear suspension, but they are not absolutely identical. The Lexus UX has a different hybrid system with the ability to drive the rear wheels with another electric motor – the rear wheels of the CH-R 1.2 Turbo drive the cardan. It also offers adaptive shock absorbers. Therefore, it must be different in some details.


Although the Lexus UX is heading to a compact segment, the Japanese brand uses high-class materials to produce it. For example, aluminum has a bonnet, front fenders, and all doors. If these components were made of classic iron, they would increase the weight of the car by 27 kg. High-strength steel has been found to be used on beams and sub-frame of the power unit. Designers used a sandwich solution on the trunk lid when the aluminum shell is inserted

between two plastic panels (super olefin polymer) to form a rigid yet lightweight assembly.