2020 KIA Sportage Review: Spacious Interior | 1.6CRDI 11 HP Diesel

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it is time to review the entry version of the compact Korean SUV: the 2020 Kia Sportage 1.6 CRDi 115 hp with front-wheel drive and manual transmission.

2020 KIA Sportage Redesign & Changes

Recently updated by a slight restyling, the 2020 KIA Sportage continues to be a very popular SUV on the market. Like, and not only for its successful design: it is one of the most spacious in its segment, and as the whole range Kia offers a 7 years warranty, up to 150 thousand kilometers. The interiors are spacious and enveloping, but with some flaw in the plank finishes.

With the latest update, some details have been improved, such as the touch screen of the multimedia system without a frame and the steering wheel. Among the technological innovations, the 360 ° camera system. Under the hood of the entry-level diesel version, however, the 1.7 CRDi engine gives way to the new 1.6 CRDi. The power (115 hp) does not change, but efficiency improves. As before, this version is only available with front-wheel drive and manual transmission; for 4×4 traction and automatic transmission, you need to upgrade to the 136 hp 1.6 CRDi.

This is a version of substance, without too many frills. Also because it is proposed only in the Business Class and Energy setups, and not in the sporting GT-Line model. Our Energy, in any case, looks very good, with external chrome and 18-inch alloy wheels that enhance the muscular appearance. The level of equipment, then, includes everything you need, from dual-zone automatic climate control to adaptive cruise control, through the multimedia system with GPS navigator and rear camera.

Performance & Fuel Economy

The power is not much, so the performance is calm. However, if you do not expect brilliant behavior, the 2020 KIA Sportage 1.6 CRDi never appears undersized. Its 280 Nm, already available at 1,500 rpm, do their duty: in essence, there is no delay in the response to gas pressures and seems to have a sufficient amount of torque to move without effort, even at full load. The lack of extension, if anything, you feel all overtaking, because even pulling her neck never becomes gritty.

That said, under normal running conditions, the 115 hp diesel Sportage is doing quite well. It is not very noisy, has a soft clutch pedal, a change from light but pleasantly mechanical couplings; the steering is precise and the car is well planted on the ground. In short, despite the tonnage, shows good agility. Its strength, however, is the comfort, both because it is well insulated from external noise, and because it is well cushioned.

The absence of automatic transmission and four-wheel drive has a positive impact in terms of consumption. The Sportage has never been particularly sober, but with the new 1.6 CRDi is certainly better: with the foot of velvet on the extra-urban roads, now you can aspire to reach 18 km / h. Between cities, motorway and suburban roads, you travel between 13 and 15 km / l.

2020 KIA Sportage Price

$31,507 the Business Class and $33,226the Energy, that of our test. The first has the necessary, while the second, with a bit Expensive, is more attractive thanks to the external chrome, and better equipped. On the Kia Sportage price list you can see in detail the standard equipment and optional options to configure it.