2020 KIA Proceed Redesign, Specs, Price & Release Date

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SUVs do not need to say, they are the most desired cars of the moment. But for those who do not want to give in to fashion without giving up space? Mercedes-Benz does the luxurious CLS Shooting Brake, presented for the first time in 2012, kicked off the saga of sports family members. The Kia Proceed is, in fact, a shooting brake: spacious (594-liter luggage compartment) and sporty design. And also in the performance, in the case of the 204 hp Proceed GT.

The station wagon market has settled. On the contrary, in Europe, there is a very slight increase in registrations. But they are no longer trendy: the 5 doors, numbers in hand, have clearly the best. This could give rise to doubts in the choice: to give up the style or versatility of the spacious (and traditional) station wagon?

With the Kia Proceed, the problem does not arise. The sloping pavilion, the high beltline and the subtle cut headlights create a clear separation from the familiar rational and not very emotional. The fact that it is proposed only in the GT-Line and GT version, then, leaves no room for poor and unattractive versions. Here are standard 17-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels (if you want there are 18 inches), various chrome, and all the aerodynamic appendices of the case.

The same applies to the interiors , treated in well-equipped finishes. In terms of quality, we are on good levels, although the style is not as audacious as that of the body. Beautiful seats (also heated behind) and striking visor stitching on soft plastic upholstery. Of all, I was not convinced by the thick frame in the “black plane” of the 8-inch infotainment screen, and the all-too-traditional plank style.

2020 KIA Proceed Dimensions & Trunk

The capacity of the Proceed boot is similar to that of the Ceed SW: 594 liters vs 625, just 31 less. The Ceed 5-door, however, stops at 395 liters. Rather, the sloping tail “pays” into space for the head available to those sitting on the rear couch: suitable for the two side seats, and only acceptable for the fifth passenger, unless it is under the meter and seventy-five of height.

Moving on to dimensions, Proceed measures 4.6 meters in length, 1.80 in width (exactly like the SW) and 1.42 in height (5 centimeters less). In short, it has a beautiful stage presence. The step is 2.6 meters, so even the space available to passengers is exactly the same as the SW. The higher beltline leads to a reduction in the glazed surface, consequently, the rear brightness and visibility are lower. In maneuvers, you can still count on the help of the rear camera.

2020 KIA Proceed Engine Specs

The Kia Proceed range includes the classic half-size diesel version and a couple of petrol solutions. The Proceed 1.6 CRDi has 136 hp has everything you need: the right power for a 360-degree use, low fuel consumption, and trim lower than a centimeter compared to Ceed, which does not (fortunately) rigid as an axis of wood, but improves its dynamic qualities on the road. Only note, a bit ‘of roughness, which is also expressed in the noise – light but far from pleasant – at high revs.

The petrol range, on the other hand, includes a 1.4-liter 140-turbo engine and a 1.6-liter 204-hp turbocharged 265 Nm engine, the one fitted by the Proceed GT. That, mind you, is not and does not want to be a rival of the compact sports as, for example, the “cousin” Hyundai i30 N. On the other hand, allows the householder to take off some whim when the road is free (maybe without parole in tow). Its numbers read 225 km / h top speed and 7.5 seconds to cover 0-100.

2020 KIA Proceed Performance

The good Ceed platform has further convinced me in this Proceed GT with stiffer suspension, more precise steering and Michelin Pilot Sports tires. It will also be longer than the 5-door, but you feel it sewn on, agile, with a collaborative back in slipping just enough to help the cornering.

To get the 204 hp of power without literally sending the tires into smoke, we think the Torque Vectoring by the brake, an electronic system that simulates a self-locking differential, and clamps the brake of the wheel inside the curve (the one most inclined to skate) thus improving traction. Ok, it does not have the same effectiveness nor does it give the same sensations as a mechanical differential, but it does its duty.

At the tourist gait, then, the Proceed GT is kind to the back of the passengers, little noisy (especially by disengaging the Sports driving mode ), and with light controls. Always nice the miles turbo, elastic and gritty at low revs and with a nice shot at high.

The Proceed GT is available with both automatic and manual transmission. Neither one shines: the manual is soft but tends to stand still in sports use, while the double clutch, however fast, is slightly less than that of certain competitors; in addition to finger pressure on the paddle behind the wheel, the answer is not so quick.

2020 KIA Proceed Price

For the 2020 Kia Proceed, the so-called entry-level fittings are not covered. Apart from a few options, among which the metallic paint, the panoramic roof and the ADAS package “Advanced Driving Assistance Pack Plus”, everything is standard.

The list starts from € 29,000 for the 1.4 petrol 140 hp; it goes to € 31,250 for the 1.6 CRDi diesel version of 136 bhp up to € 33,000 rounds for the GT. Consumption permitting, I would have no doubt about the choice. The automatic 7-speed dual clutch transmission is available on the whole range at a price of 1,500 euros.