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I have a clue that whatever I can tell you about the 2020 BMW X4 M40d, the discussion is just as important as its sense and appearance. Right. This car is downright careless.

2020 BMW X4 M40d Exterior & Interior

Although the first Bavarian Coupe SUV began to be sold in 2008, the combination of a raised chassis and the overall robustness of the X4 with sports-shaped bodywork still irritates many. But from the point of view of BMW, it is important that the first car of this kind found customers. Not surprisingly, not only did the first X6 receive a successor, but the Munich car manufacturer offered another model based on the same recipe – the smaller X4.

It arrived in 2014 and, like the X6 “sportier” version of X5, X4 is technically related to X3.

Indeed, even the first generation remained in production for only four years, which is extremely unusual in today’s world. Most of the turns occur after seven-eight years.

Let’s look for the reason for this X3. Last year, BMW started to produce a new generation, and it was decided that a new X4-related version would also happen. Making this 2011 model continues to make sense.

The new 2020 BMW X4 M40d started selling last year and is really a brand new car. And it is also visible. Perhaps not at first, but when you compare the profiles of the two generations, you will find that the top of the roof line has shifted the current one. It is not being considered so hard and early – which promises more space above the rear seats. In addition to the predecessor, the second generation is larger and has a longer wheelbase.

Yet, of course, the character of the X4 SUV coupe remained. That’s why his design has a lot of opponents. If you are interested in my opinion, I am not one of the coupe-SUV fans. On the other hand, during the test week, two people said to themselves that I had a nice car…

I personally simply do not fit the aforementioned combination of wannabe sport attitude and the power of an SUV. More specifically, with the X4, it seems to me that it does not match the processing of the front of the car with its perpendicular front, large kidney and distinctive headlights and stern, which is somewhat rounded and rounded. But I’m not a design expert and it’s my subjective feeling – so I’m not going to argue with X4 with anyone. We all have the right to think.

In any case, we can find good old BMW. And that is good, the Bavarians can do the interiors perfectly. In this case, they succeeded perhaps without errors, which of course helped the fact that it is the top diesel version of the M40d.

So there is everything you should expect from a classic BMW – a driver-centered center panel, great sports seats, an ideal position behind the wheel, valuable materials, great workmanship, a leather steering wheel with a thick rim that fits perfectly in the hands, or a proven control layout elements.

Infotainment also works sympathetically. And there is also a digital dashboard, whose appearance you can partially customize. But the main thing is that it is always clear and nicely readable.

In terms of space, compared to the predecessor is really a positive shift, especially in the aforementioned rear seats. Now, even two tall passengers sit back comfortably.

Inside X4 there is really not much to tinker with. Perhaps only the backward view is not optimal, which is expected due to the shaping of the backs. And I was a little angry that there was no wiper on the rear window.

Trunk Capacity

The trunk has a capacity of 525 liters and can hold up to 1,430 liters after folding the seatbacks. It is perhaps bigger and more practical than you would expect when looking at the sloping stern. The use, of course, helps great access thanks to the large, upside-down lid. Only a high loading edge could interfere.

2020 BMW X4 M40d Engine Specs

I have already told you that the 2020 BMW X4 M40d has arrived in the strongest diesel variant of the M40d, a three-liter in-line six-cylinder turbocharger, a maximum power of 240 kW (326 hp) at 4400 rpm and a maximum torque of 680 Nm at 1750 rpm. But also an acceleration from standstill to a hundred in just 4.9 seconds and a maximum electronically limited to 250 km / h. These are amazing numbers on the SUV. But it’s still just numbers that only suggest.

But they won’t tell you how great this engine works in practice. In all respects. Biturbo diesel has been collecting nicely since 1500 revolutions (but it does not bother and does not vibrate under them only, it does not have so much power, which is obvious) and pulls up to 4500 rpm. This happens easily, completely naturally and smoothly.

Perfect collaboration with the eight-speed automatic transmission, which quickly, but at the same time smoothly contributes to this. Only in manual mode, in which you can change the gears of the paddles under the steering wheel, the throttle is shifting. But it is so deliberately, it is said that customers like it, because the jerkiness when putting them up is a sport.

In a similar vein, the soundtrack is also trying to deceive the driver – in sports mode, the engine sounds suddenly denser and darker in the cabin. Even in this case, it is an artificial phenomenon coming out of the speakers. It is not downright distracting, but it seems to me unnecessary. BMW’s six-cylinder diesel wouldn’t play badly without it.

Except for these trivia but the fact that the propulsion system is not reproached. The engine is simply great, amazingly flexible and ready to send the car at naughty speeds at any time. Immediately.

At the same time, it can be cultivated. And also economical. The 2020 BMW X4 M40d can ride below 8 l / 100 km, my average after the weekly test, which as always included driving around the city, the highway and swift moves in fun districts, was 8.2 l / 100 km.

And how does the X4 M40d drive? I have to say well, even very well. Not just in the category of similarly large SUVs and crossovers, but just like a car.

Driving characteristics are significantly influenced by the letter M in the model name – of course, figuratively speaking. It suggests that the most powerful diesel version in the offer should behave somewhat sportier than other versions in the price list.

Especially the adaptive M chassis, the M sports differential or the 20-inch wheels is of great help.

The chassis is, of course, tougher, maybe too much. Even in the comfort mode, the car is constantly “cramming” on a poor road. It’s not downright annoying, but I think the chassis could be a little more compliant – at least in the comfortable driving mode.

Otherwise, X4 M40d has surprising potential. Of course, almost two tons of a high-chassis vehicle will not weave through twisted passages as swiftly as a real sports car, but his abilities surprised me. Particularly noteworthy is how tightly the car is holding asphalt in curves. But you can also toss your back when you want (and when you press a few buttons in the interior before). All-wheel drive drives the rear axle.

So the 2020 BMW X4 M40d also has some fun, yet it has the best sovereign ability to beat distances on any type of road. I knew that the strongest diesel version would be fast on the highway and straight, but it was really surprised that it would be so fast on a country road full of bends and gates.

Respectable dynamics is also helped by fast and precise control. This is already “basically” stiff, in sports mode, even more, too much for me. It looks a little distant and dull – but I do it with most sporting Bavarians. Fortunately, BMW allows you to set up your individual driving mode, so there’s no problem having all the “setup” in the sharpest setting, just driving into comfort.


If you have read here, you must have known that the 2020 BMW X4 M40d was quite entertaining. And I liked driving him. While I keep asking questions about the meaning of an SUV, I am still not. If someone likes such a car, and I think it’s the main reason to buy a sport-shaped crossover, it’s just his business. But just like a car, the X4 M40d is Super good.